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Peugeot 508 Hybrid4 Review

In January of this year I learned that the taxation on lease cars would change in Juli of 2012 (taxation based on the car pollution / emission gasses). This could mean that certain types of cars would be (way) more expensive if you leased them. Since my current lease contract at the time would expire in May, I wanted to make sure that I could lease a new car under the 'old' tax rules for lease cars.

My old (lease)car was a Honda Civic 1.8 Executive (with all the bells and whistles) which I loved very much. The car was relatively small, and drove like a dream (compared to my earlier cars). Unfortunately, the Civic was no longer an option, so I was in the market for a new (and preferably) cheaper lease car.

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The Leica M-Monochrom and More

Last Tuesday (May 10th), Leica announced a couple of new Leica goodies to the world. Of the items, the Leica X2 was the least shocking (IMO). The other two items, a monochrome version of the M9-P (Leica M-Monochrom) and a new 50mm Summicron-M f/2, were quite the news. The Leica M9-P Hermès Special Editions were just overpriced versions of the current M9-P for the filthy rich (@ $50,000 USD).

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SmugMug Statistics Accuracy

I either got kicked from the Interwebs, or SmugMug updated their statistics module to a working version :-)

I guess the latter, since I find it hard to believe that I have >4000 image views per day on average. Funny thing though, that it started going down when I rearranged the galleries on my site.... Coincidence?


Henschotenmeer (Woudenberg) in Black and White

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Leica Rangefinder M10 Rumors

Many of you may have heard, that Leica has scheduled an event for May 10th 2012. These events fuel the speculations of the things that may be announced. One of those things being a new Leica (rangefinder) camera called the M10.

Along with this rumor, everyone has (special) feature wishes / requests that this new camera should have. Some of those (IMO ridiculous) features include:

  • Auto focus
  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • Build-in Flash
  • Black and White only sensor

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Mozilla's Firefox Invalid, Yet Valid Certificate

In my line of work I get to work with a lot of security devices which run self-signed certificates. Those certificates are most of the time generated when the device / appliance is installed, or configured for the very first time. When you connect to one of those devices with a web browser, you tend to see the warnings displayed by the browser that the connection is not to be trusted.

In Firefox, you can add an exception in the browser. When you've done that, the next time you go to the website, the browsers treats the website as trusted.

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Moerputten and Heusden

Last weekend we had our yearly spring trip with the camera club. Somehow the word' spring' didn't come in mind on that day. When I left home, the sun tried to break through, so with luck, it could be a nice day for photography..... Luck was nowhere to be found. The whole day, nothing but drizzle, wind, rain, drizzle, and rain (at least in the vicinity of ' s Hertogenbosch.)

I went a bit early, and when I arrived, I was the only person there, so I was able to shoot some photos without having to worry about other people showing up in my photos.

The Moerputten is an old trainbridge that runs through a patch of protected nature. It's basically just a bridge now. No trains run over it.

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The Depressing Belgium Ardennes

Some depressing photos from the Ardennes in Belgium.... And these 'objects' are still being used by people.

A combination of a store/shop, and living quarters:

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Small (literally) house in the village of Boulion:

The following photo was shot during a foggy day on the parking lot of a supermarket:

I definitely wouldn't want to live there, but is it nice to make photos some cases :-)


Louwman Car Museum, The Hague

Last weekend, we visited the Louwman Car Museum in the Hague. I really had no idea what to expect of this museum, but I was surprised in a very positive way. The building is new, and filled with cars from the late 1800's till today. Including most (if not all) the classics.

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If you're in the vicinity of the Hague, you should visit this museum (even if you're not a petrol-head).