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Some information on the art of photography, and the way I practice it.... I'm what I would describe as an occasional enthusiast. There are times that I don't touch a camera for a week or two, and there are days that I shoot over a thousand photos.

I really started with (digital) photography when I got the Nikon D100 (with two lenses) from my father for a safari in Kenya. After that it went downhill (on the savings part). The two lenses were replaced within the year for a couple of Sigma lenses.
About couple months before Nikon released the D300 I bought a Nikon D200, but I was really disappointed by the noise on the higher ISO settings (starting at ISO800). This was the main reason for selling the D200 and getting the D300.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to buy a Leica M9. A camera that was on my wishlist from the time Leica announced it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the resources back then. This camera takes you out of the technology 'rat-race', by discarding all the nifty features that Canon, Nikon and others came up with, and put it in a camera. The Leica M-series has no intelligent metering, auto-focus, facial-recognition, etc. All it has is manual controls for aperture, shutter, and (auto!!!)ISO settings combined with a simple center-weight light-metering system. It's a camera where the camera isn't to blame when a photo gets ruined. The photographer made a mistake by choosing the wrong settings. There's no P, or AUTO setting on the camera.

This means that there are numerous limitations on the camera, but for that reason I still have the D300 with a couple of lenses.

Photography is still a hobby for me (even with pro-sumer-like gear). There's no need (yet) for going commercial (or professional). It would be nice if someone wanted to buy a photo (or two), but it's not my goal in life.

At the moment I'm still 'searching' for a discipline. I like nature, animals, macro, architecture and stuff. The only this that doesn't work for me is portraits. I'm not that much into people photography. Since I'm still searching (over 10 years now), I'd like to see myself as an allrounder (with the exception of portaits).

As my gallery and/or flickr page shows I'm kinda into post-processing of the photos I create. Black & white is my favorites post processing process at this moment.

The menu on the right has some additional links like the workflow I try to follow, and a selection of some of my favorite photos. If you want to check out all my photography related blog posts you may follow this link.