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Timetravel Made Possible With The Samsung Galaxy S2

And yes. Another rant from an Apple fan-boy (I guess).

As you can read here, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 at home, and the device is still in the original box. I did open the box, just to check the device, and as you may have read; the device went straight back into the box. Since then, it has been out of the box about four times, and not more than an hour. The main reason (for getting it out of the box) is that there a software updates that should fix problems with the device. I guess not the problems I have with the device..... I want to give the device a chance. I really do, but they don't come close to the Apple iOS experience. The Android eco-system has still light years to go.

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Backup Failure

Creating backups. Something everyone with a computer should do. Not only to preserve the items of (sentimental) value, but also to minimise the time and effort to recreate what went to the eternal data fields.
But even if you create backups, things can go wrong.

Many believe that storing the data on an external device is a backup. Well, it is, but only if you have the original data on another device. Backup means that you store the same thing (at least) in two places. If one of the devices (your computer with internal hard drive, or the external backup device) should fail, you have still one copy of the data, which you can restore or backup (depending which device went up in smoke).

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Melting Mushrooms

We're nearing the end of October 2012, and temperatures are rising. Currently it's around 20 degrees Celsius in some parts in the Netherlands. A bit on the high for this time of the year. It's even to hot for the mushrooms that grow all over the place. They seem to melt.

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MacBook Wireless Borked Again, Still, etc.

A while back I had regular issues with the wireless adapter on my MacBook after I had upgraded to OSX Mountain Lion, but after the removal of Little Snitch (I still ran the beta version) it seemed that times were a changing... Seemed that is.

This morning I was fiddling about with my photo website, and needed to see the results in several different browsers. One of them being Google Chrome.
Trying to launch the Chrome app, it crashed immediately. Reopening didn't help. So I tried to download a newer version, since I hadn't updated mine since the upgrade to Mountain Lion. The result; It still crashed. Even after removing all Chrome (and Google) references on the disk, it still crashed.

So, it became time to consult the book of knowledge, and see what the Internets had to say about my little ordeal.

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Sunrise in Black and White

Taken last week in the woods around Groot Heidestein.

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Sunrise @ Groot Heidestein

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Autumn Is Coming

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Empty Theater in Black and White

Taken when we went to see 'The Bourne Legacy' in our local theater.

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For those who wonder; The movie wasn't bad. It was a good start for a new action series starring Jeremy.


Perseid Meteor Shower

In the second weekend of August 2012 we experienced another Perseid meteor shower in the Netherlands. During this event I tried to photograph the meteor trails... unsuccessfully, until I re-checked my photographs this weekend.

I will prepare myself a little better next time.


Leica à la Carte

Leica M7 à la CarteThis post is for everyone who wishes me the best. In this case, the best à la carte (film-based) Leica M camera. Our German friends @ Leica created a website called 'Leica à la Carte' where you can order a fully customizable Leica M7 or MP.

They have a nice wizard where you can specify every option for the M camera, but in stead of hitting a submit button at the end, you need to download the PDF (containing the customization), print it, and (snail)mail it to a selected Leica reseller, who will order it with Leica.... A real old-skool process for an excellent old-skool film camera.

So for those who want to order me a customized Leica M7; Just download this PDF, where I did all the customization work already. Just contact me for the shipping information, and I'll send you an exclusive un-boxing video of the Leica camera, and a handwritten thank-you-note once it arrives.