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Madonna in Concert

A while ago, the sales of Madonna tickets started for her concert in the Amsterdam Arena. Madonna is one of those artists which you need to see live at least once in my opinion. I tried to get myself a couple of tickets, but failed. The two concerts were sold out in less than an hour :(. Last Friday I received a call from my brother that a friend still had some tickets available, so my luck was changing :-). Thankfully the tickets are field-tickets, so the audio should also be pretty decent. The last concert I attended in the Arena was a concert of Robbie Williams, and back then, we had seats somewhere up in the Arena. This resulted in hearing the concert 3 times through the terrible echoing in the Arena :(. Anyway, I'll be bringing my Canon Digital IXUS along, so pictures will be available some time after the concert on my flickr page.

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Opening post

After years of developping my own website in Macromedia Adobe Coldfusion, it was time to leave those sort of things 'to those who do it best'. I tried to make my own blog, and, somewhere along the way, it worked (surprisingly). Although it was nice to use something you created yourself, it lacked some of the cool features the 'professional' blogs have. I just didn't have the time to keep developping those things. So, I downloaded 'Wordpress', and unfortunatelly it needed PHP as a scripting engine. The alternative would have been 'Movable Type', which uses Perl. I'm a n00b at both those languages, so I decided to take the most popular scripting engine... PHP. Thank god, that I can use both Coldfusion AND PHP on the same webserver, so I can still do a little development in Coldfusion. The nice thing about Wordpress is (and I'm sure Movable Type and all the others have similar features) that you can add plugins to the blog. I'm not yet familiar with them (hey, I got this one operational last night 8) ), but additional features, and some redesign, will be on their way in the next couple of weeks. I will also try to "port" (and translate :( ) my original post from the 'old' website to Wordpress. So that the old info won't be destroyed. In the mean time, the "old" blog is available under For the time being both my public websites ( and will be pointing to this blog. This means that you might even catch some of my adventures on the Apple platform. Actually, I'm writing this on my Mac Book Pro :-) So, stay tuned.

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