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Leica à la Carte

Leica M7 à la CarteThis post is for everyone who wishes me the best. In this case, the best à la carte (film-based) Leica M camera. Our German friends @ Leica created a website called 'Leica à la Carte' where you can order a fully customizable Leica M7 or MP.

They have a nice wizard where you can specify every option for the M camera, but in stead of hitting a submit button at the end, you need to download the PDF (containing the customization), print it, and (snail)mail it to a selected Leica reseller, who will order it with Leica.... A real old-skool process for an excellent old-skool film camera.

So for those who want to order me a customized Leica M7; Just download this PDF, where I did all the customization work already. Just contact me for the shipping information, and I'll send you an exclusive un-boxing video of the Leica camera, and a handwritten thank-you-note once it arrives.